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 If I'm a danger to myself, just think what I could do to you.

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If I'm a danger to myself, just think what I could do to you. Empty
PostSubject: If I'm a danger to myself, just think what I could do to you.   If I'm a danger to myself, just think what I could do to you. EmptyFri Oct 22, 2010 1:50 pm

Part something or other

-My confession, My confession, My confession..-

I am what I am, a monster, a demon, I am but a pedophile, someone so tormented by the lack of soul that it has utterly destroyed me. I am a man, on the surface, as any other man, but I hide my secrets all so well. I appear to me your average Joe, someone that just passes you by in an instance when you are not paying attention. I have short black hair, sparkling brown eyes, and a killer smile. I am medium build, but I am infact surprisingly strong, with muscles up the wazoo. I can pass as someone ordinary, if I choose to, but why would I choose too in this neighbourhood? Its dirty, disgusting, people are killed and raped daily, and in some ways that is how I like it to be, it provides a disguise for my desires, my real person, people never question anybody in this neighbourhood. I am a psychopath. I am me.

-It hides inside me-

I was in my usual spot in my car, a black shit-heap that does the trick most days especially today, its a Saturday, late afternoon, and my usual spot is in a small parking lot opposite the park. Across the road I can see a mini-mall, where little girls and boys come about their business, purchasing ice-creams and candy, soft drinks and often games, mindless little distractions in life. I spy with my little eye, something beginning with A, asian girl, I spotted her lying on a red and white picnic rug with her older sister in the park. Gorgeous little thing, possibly 5-6 years old, you can never be so sure with these asian girls, her sister wasn't overly bad looking either but it was her sister I set eyes on. She was wearing a small white skirt, a little shirt with hello kitty emblazened on it, the shirt itself was light pink, and she was wearing white sandals. She had her hair in pig-tails, and my cock twitched at the sight of her, I petted it, and comforted it knowing that soon it will be finding a nice warm hole to sink into.

-I will sit, I will wait, I will make no mistake-

I sat this way for half an hour before the older girl walked away, possibly to get an ice-cream or visited the toilet, such details are insignificant, my eyes were on the little girl. I waited another five minutes to make sure the girl wasn't heading back, and I stepped out of my car, and walked over to the girl, my semi-erect cock hidden behind the denim pants I am wearing. I looked around, saw nobody lurking about in the near vicinity, and grabbed her around the waist, hoisting her up over my shoulder, she was so light, I hardly felt like I was carrying anything at all. I could feel her body tense up, and knew she was about to scream, so I quickly rushed over to my car, threw her in the back seat and drove off quickly, forgetting to buckle up as I peeled out of the car-park. I saw her sister in the rear-view mirror, I am hoping she never saw me with her sister. And then the screaming began, long high pitched wails, signifying that my kidnapping had just registered with the little asian lolita. I drove quickly, heading near the highway, before driving to the side of the road, and stopping my car. I looked back and glared at the young girl. She started to cry, great big heaving sobs, racking her whole tiny frame. She was terrified, that much I knew, nor did I care in the least. I told her to shut the fuck up, and told her that what was coming would be worse. I said if she didn't shut up, I would hurt her in unbelievable and unimaginable ways. She quieted down enough for me to start the car and continue driving.

-Hush little baby, don't make a sound, hush little baby, don't make a move. This is gonna hurt me more than you-

We arrived to my home shortly. Her sobbing still in the backround, I have been tuning her in and out, concentrating on all the awful things I'll do to her, to make her screaming and pleading and crying more adorable and arousing. We pulled into my driveway and I stepped out of the car, taking the keys out of the ignition and pocketing them, seeing her face in the rear-view mirror, terrified still, wet tears clung to dry tears on her face, sliding down her chin, wetting her shirt. I closed my door, and opened hers, dragging her out by the arm as her other clung to the front seat, not wanting to get out, refusing infact, she will be compliant soon enough. I grabbed her arm tightly, crushing it, I can feel her body tense again, wincing under the immense pressure. She still would not budge, it is time for force. I grab both of her arms with mine and drag her out, holding her to my body I manage to slam the car door, and holding her hands behind her back, police style, I march her towards the front door.

-He hurts me cos he cares, he hurts and its all my fault-

I open the door, I knew I wouldn't have to wait long for my prey to present itself so I didn't bother locking up. Still marching her inside, I led her into the kitchen, sitting her on the floor so I could pull out a packet of cigarettes, I needed this fix first, before my next one. I drew out a cigarette and fetched my lighter from the back pocket of my pants, lit it, and inhaled slowly, savouring it. She sat on the floor, shivering, sobbing silently. I was indeed a happy camper. I bent over, rolled up her sleeve, and burnt her flesh with the cigarette. Her eyes flashes, glistened, and widened in awareness of what was happening, where the sudden pain was coming from. She tried to scramble away but I grabbed her arm, tightly, digging nails into flesh. I held the cigarette down until I could hear burning flesh, and then I lifted it, stood up, and tipped the ashes off the cigarette down onto her head. An ugly mark remained, weeping blood, burnt and charred flesh clung to her body. I laughed, she looked so pitiful.
She was squealing very loudly, like an angry pig. I bent down again, and slapped her face, hard. Once again her eyes glistened, glazed over as she realised the sincerity and alarming nature of what was happening to her. She was still struggling to get away but with less enthusiasm. She had lost the will to fight back, perhaps she knew it was pointless. She would be mine, my amputee.

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If I'm a danger to myself, just think what I could do to you.
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